Barry Stephens, Fort Worth, Texas:

We had Nathan come to us for the Breaking Free seminar. The heart of my whole church was moved on Saturday night as he spoke about the entry way the enemy has of getting into our homes. That night many went home to “Clean” their homes of the things that Satan was using to penetrate their lives. Sunday morning after Nathan preached the altars filled and I mean filled with many being sanctified and set free. That weekend opened the eyes of my church to their victory over Satan! A month later the church is still excited about that weekend of Breaking Free!

Brian Wangler, Northwestern Illinois:

Just a note to say “Thanks” for your work on our behalf last weekend. The Going Farther With Jesus seminar was exactly what we needed and the small group leaders training was right on the money. More than 25 new Christians prayed seeking a deeper walk as a result of your ministry. In addition, thanks for challenging and encouraging our pastors at POPS. We are always blessed by your ministry!

Dr. Clark G. Armstrong, Kansas City, Kansas:

We had Evangelist Nathan Covington recently to lead us in a Prayer seminar. We have had him for revivals in the past and have had great responses, but this was truly life-changing in a much deeper and more formational way for our people. We chose to do a Sunday over Wednesday format, though I understand it is more common to have him conduct it on a weekend. Since it is in a seminar format and not like a worship service, we wondered how our people would respond. It was exceptionally favorable. I certainly believe that this will have more immediate and eternal impact than anything else I could have done this fall. I would highly recommend it to your church or organization. The ministry of Rev. Covington will be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit being the teacher of your people as they journey into a far richer and more powerful prayer life than ever before.

Tim Miller, Brownstown, Indiana:

Even though it has been several weeks since Nathan came to teach the Breaking Strongholds seminar at our church, the people are still talking about how it has made an impact on their lives. The seminar is very biblical, informative, and holds a person’s attention. Our church can’t wait to have him back for the Prayer seminar.

Linda Wicks, Ottawa, Illinois:

I'm sure you are aware, but you have touched soooooo many lives while you where here. I still feel like I’m walking on a cloud. A cloud of hope, love and one that is filled with the Holy Spirit. Even though you are gone, we still feel your presence through the work you have done here. I pray for nothing but continued blessings for you.